Imię i nazwisko: Sameer Patil
Adres: Mumbai, India
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Na Dreamstime od: April 24, 2005
Sprzęt: I usually carry Nikon's Coolpix P2 with me but you will see more of illustrations than photographs in my portfolio. And thats only because I love to illustrate. You can also have a look on some of my paintings/caricatures and craftwork on url provided above.
Ulubiona tematyka: I used to love reading but these days I am not able to read much except daily newspapers. Reading not only helps you to visualize, it also takes you to a different world. Besides reading I like to design in Photoshop because it is my favourite software and I also love to create small animation films.
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Dont fall in love with your artwork, you might not create another one!
Sameer Patil (Indiart)

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Stock Image : Projektantów kwiaty
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Stock Image : 04 spirali
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Stock Image : Plusk ryb
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