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Between two worlds

The event is the world of its heroes and the world of its participants. When photographing you have to be in both of them. Transparent for the participants and ready in hot moments. That's why I get acquainted with the programme of the event and watch films from previous events of this cycle. I’m wearning a grey outfit. I come to the place of the event earlier. I walk around the area choosing a few places for later photography.Once the event starts, I observe the lighting and try... continue reading

Dog Rescue Photography: Sherry

Sweet Sherry finds a new home!There are days I walk into our rural Georgia animal shelter and just get so despondent seeing pitbull after pitbull in kennel after kennel. All the other breeds tend to get quicker interest and are rescued almost right away. But the poor pitbulls have less hope of rescue, and even less hope of being claimed.When there is so many of a particular breed, it can be hard to get them noticed. But one stood out to me this morning because of her sweet, submissive eyes and... continue reading

Tip of the week: Layer Mask as a post processing tool

An image is still and shows what's within in a specific instant. Though the photographer may visually point out the subject through the lens, yet such might not be that visually strong to the viewers.Therefore some exaggeration may be needed; not to over do but simply to make the subject pop out as that of importance.Why would i post process an already clear image? One of the answers would be: To make the subject of the image speak out loudIts a basic shot of a car parked on the side... continue reading

How to do stage photography well

Whether you want to record the wonderful moments of a performance with a camera or take a souvenir photograph of a performing child or friend, you need some basic stage photography skills.Unlike general subjects, the subject of stage photography and the changes in environmental conditions are very rich and uncontrollable. You must solve some problems that usually do not occur in shooting.I have sorted out some of the most important issues in stage photography, hoping to be useful.1. Photometry and... continue reading


Hello all together!Recently I finished my holidays in Iceland - and I would like to share some photos, information and tips with you.Most travellers come to Iceland in the timespace from end of June up to end of August or beginning of September and do a round trip using route number 1. This is the main motorway and circuits around the whole island. Many points of interest lie away only a few meters of this street. One can drive this road with a normal car or a camper, staying overnight in hotels or... continue reading

Revealed: 3 Secrets of Wildlife photography on an African safari

Africa is colorful, culturally alluring as it is captivating. Africa is home to 1.3 billion people, diverse and distinct, speaking over 2000 languages, living in 54 separate states,- throw in 54 different currencies, and you have recipe that can overwhelm any westerner.Mention Africa in New York, London or Paris, two kinds of pictures come to mind; expansive Savannah, wild jungles, untamed landscape, teeming wildlife, or dirty hungry disaster hit, trouble prone,disease ridden, starving children.... continue reading

Confused Teenager

Without a stream in my neighborhood, I just couldn't figure out why a Great Blue Heron would be standing in my neighbor's front yard. A closer look explained it all: a confused juvenile!I was on the last half-mile stretch of my daily 35 mile commute when I spotted a Great Blue Heron standing in a neighbor’s front yard, right next to the sidewalk. “Now that’s weird”, I thought to myself. He was standing alongside a dry, rock-lined drainage ditch as if he were fishing for food.... continue reading

Shooting the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration

One of the largest events on the second Sunday of February is the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration in Chinatown of Washington DC. This event has many components from VIPs, big crowds, beauty queens, dragons, and dancing lions. Like many cities Washington DC has a Chinatown district with restaurants and stores which attract people no matter what time of year. Each new year celebration is represented by an animal such as the rabbit, goat, rat etc. Check the news to find out... continue reading

Tip of the week: Simple Lightroom Workflow

Most of us decide to use a dedicated tool for post processing sooner or later for our beloved photo shoots. Personally I have found lightroom to be quite intuitive and straightforward while offering some very powerful features to touch up and finish your photos. Sure you may still need photoshop for filters but how often we use those really? Chances are that you will need a capable post processing tool for everyday use, so let’s get into a Simple Lightroom workflow and see what it takes. I have... continue reading

Turbo Charge Your Newsletter without Spamming

Getting a user to subscribe to your online newsletter is one of the most difficult and valuable actions you take as an e-Marketer. In most cases, you have created an offer for your target audience with something of value, and in exchange they agree to trust you to only send them future information that is of equal value and interest to them.E-marketing ethics requires an easy opt out capability be included with each communication sent to subscribers. That dreaded one click unsubscribe function means... continue reading

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