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My name is Brian Magnier, and I am a naturalist-explorer originally from Massachusetts, USA. I have loved being outside all my life, (a fortunate product of my parents’ interests), and am constantly seeking new experiences in life. Like many naturalists, I began with a fondness for birds, those most observable of taxa. I think many people start out watching and finding birds because no matter where you are in the world, there are a decent number of birds of all shapes and colors to be found with relatively little effort or equipment. (There are decidedly few casual observers of shrews or jellyfish, as fun and interesting as they may be.) But once I had learned how to identify most of the birds around me in New England, I turned my gaze downwards to other animals. I always love seeing a new species of bird, and I do have a list to keep track of such things, but that high is just as pronounced when I turn over a log to find a snake, or swim around a coral head to spot a new fish.

Almost as incredible is the feeling of sharing an interesting animal or behavior with someone else, a passerby who might not have seen or appreciated the creature until that moment. Those shared experiences are the moments I live for, and if my photography is able to inspire even one person to go outside and see something they hadn’t seen before, then I can rest happy.
Canon 6D d-SLR body. Lenses (all canon): 400mm f5.6; 500mm f4 IS; 100mm f2.8 macro
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birds, nature, wildlife, animals

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