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My business is recycling. I believe in re-using wood, fabrics, cardboard, etc., to re-create items that are stylish and modern. I believe in thinking outside the box, when it comes to old items, that seem to have no value or purpose. In doing this, I make information available to the world regarding the "How-to's" for recycling and rethinking items to reduce landfill waste. So not only do my clients help reduce landfill waste, they benefit from items with new value.

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March 27, 2009
3/27/09-So funny! I am not a photographer, I have a cheesy Sony cybershot I play around with. I am looking to buy a camera I don't have to hold still for, so it is not blurry, and one with a wider landscape capture. Any suggestions? I have no intentions of selling photos, but love the hard work I see here.
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