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To ease your searches through my portfolio I have created the following collections of recurring themes. Feel free to check out the managed collections section on my profile page to browse through them.
Music and Musicians - Anything related to the art of music.
Horses and related activities - Anything equestrian.
France - Pictures from France.
Boats: Water transport & fun - Anything related to navigating water bodies.
Out and about the U.S. of A. - Pictures from the United States.
Live shows (Concerts, fashion, etc)
Air travel - Anything related to travelling across the skies.
Spain - Pictures from Spain (Madrid, Barcelona)
Morocco - Pictures from Morocco
Cars - Anything related to automobiles (car shows, etc).
Switzerland - Pictures from Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux and other locations).
Latest Uploads - Pictures uploaded recently (past and current month).
Last Chance - Pictures that are going to be disabled soon.

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Thank you.
Canon EOS 20D Canon EOS 5D Canon Powershot G6, G12 Various Lenses (Canon, Sigma)
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Portraits Automobiles Landscapes Architecture Abstract

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